[CQ-Contest] High Rate Dual Radio CQing

Eric Gruff eric at e4consult.com
Mon Dec 7 01:26:15 EST 2015


Welcome! I still have a hard time of thinking of you as anything other than WB2IDP ;-)

I've been thinking of converting to SO2R, but at our advanced age, not sure I can convince my brain to handle it. I also keep thinking that I need another pair of arms/hands to work the radio dials, keyer and mouse. Watching N6MJ made me think of watching the "shredder" guitar players - even though they're playing faster than I can ever hope to, they don't look like it's very difficult. No frantic motions or wasted effort, and that's key here too. I agree that the multiple audio streams (especially on CW) are the biggest challenge.

I think this is a case of "either you have it, or you don't", and I can safely say that I don't.

Eric NC6K (ex-WB2KIH)

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