[CQ-Contest] Advice Sought for Wireless Headsets & Mics

Jamie Dupree NS3T ns3t at arrl.net
Fri Dec 4 21:27:15 EST 2015

Jim is absolutely right – and it’s not just outdoors at a stadium where the echo can cause problems - hearing the echo of your own voice when live on radio or TV can be a disaster for many reporters and anchors.  If you ever see someone on TV suddenly rip their earpiece (IFB) out of their ear while reporting live, that’s probably what has happened.

In radio and TV news, the clean feed is referred to as a “mix minus.”

I would be very wary of introducing a delay of any kind into my headphones audio feed for a contest.  

I have done live segments on the air for 10-12 minutes with no mix minus – it can be done, but it is very tiring.  Once you are off the air, you feel like someone has been beating on your head with a ballpeen hammer.

73 Jamie NS3T

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