[CQ-Contest] Advice Sought for Wireless Headsets & Mics

Björn SM0MDG bjorn at sm0mdg.com
Sat Dec 5 18:06:04 EST 2015

> On 03 Dec 2015, at 21:02, David Siddall <hhamwv at gmail.com> wrote:
> Bose offers an in-line mic to go with the QC15 and QC25 headphones.  It's
> intended use is for wireless phone calls.  Has anyone tried using it for
> SSB and attained decent voice quality?
> Related Question:  does anyone have a recommendation for a BlueTooth
> headset and microphone combo for SSB, if not the Bose?   I'm trying to go
> more "wireless" in the shack, especially after shelling out $50+ to Heil
> for cord replacement.
> Dave,

There is a great solution for the Bose headset called the ModMic. Its a boom microphone that attaches to an adhesive magnet mounted on the headset. It has a great uni directional microphone suitable for SSB. With the EQ in a K3 or other modern transceiver it sounds as sharp as anything else out there.

I have been using the ModMic with a Bose QC25 headset in a few contests. The proper ModMic model has a uni directional element (not omni directional) that cancels much of the surroundings which makes it suitable for contesting, even in multi op environment.


73 de Björn,

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