[CQ-Contest] High Rate Dual Radio CQing

Stephen Bloom sbloom at acsalaska.net
Sun Dec 6 12:54:02 EST 2015

Interesting ...

I did this for NAQP and SSCW without even thinking of it as anything other than efficient SO2R (not that it mattered ....I was operating from VE7 and no technique short of remote xcvrs from another part of the country was going to make me competive with propagation of the time.)  Having said that, I can't even fathom handling the audio streams the way N6MJ does.  I'm still recovering from the pileups at 9H6A.

Steve KL7SB 

p.s.  Joined the group recently ..with Rich passing ..thought another KL7 should be here.

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> I agree. It's extremely impressive.  Was there a rule change that 
> allowed this to happen this year, or did N6MJ and Ct1BOH come up with the idea?

There is no rule prohibiting “duelling CQ”, i.e. running on two bands simultaneously. This is OK with the rules as long as only one signal is transmitted at any time. I have checked this personally with the CQ contest promotor a few years ago before adopting this way of operation. 

To me this is useful even at low rates at the end of the contest as calling CQ on two bands are more likely to increase the rate than working just one band.

In addition N1MM is set do this with an additional SO2R controller and two radios.

73 de Björn,

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