[CQ-Contest] Category hopping

Jeff Clarke ku8e at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 6 23:22:57 EST 2015

I feel bad for the guys at PJ2T because this has happened to them before. I was happy for them because I thought they pulled out a victory in MM after trying for years. Plus they are my friends.

It's interesting to me that the guys in question who switched categories from Multi-2 has won that category for the last 8 years. Their streak was going to be broken by D4C this year.

 I have to tell you I have a bad taste in my mouth about what the Mult-Single and Multi-2 categories have become. The winners are really setup as a Mult-Multi's with lockout's that prevent them from transmitting more than one signal on a band at the same time.  Most of them have at least 8-10 operators or more. I don't think this is what CQ envisioned these categories to be when they were first created.

I also don't see how the CQ log checkers could even tell if these entries some how slipped up with their lockout's and transmitted more than one signal on a band unless they listened to a SDR recording of every contact they made. I pretty sure they don't have the resources to do this because it's a volunteer organization.

It's also noteworthy that there were several M2X entries who didn't submit their scores to 3830 until Friday, when the logs were due. Were they just sitting back and waiting to see what their competition had done and massaged their logs?

I mean come on... If you are so technical to build complex lockout's and narrow bandpass filters you can't submit your score to 3830 immediately after the contest like everyone else does? Sorry but that sounds sneaky to me.

Jeff KU8E / PJ4A team

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