[CQ-Contest] Category hopping

Tom Osborne w7why at frontier.com
Mon Dec 7 12:03:05 EST 2015

Too bad the contest log authors couldn't make it so that once the log 
has been set up and contacts made, the class can't be changed.

Make the default 'checklog' (now is it SOA in N1MM), and if a class 
isn't selected, that is what is used for log submission.

I know you could do an 'export to ADIF', and then import into another 
log, but if someone did that, that would REALLY be cheating.  73

>     It's also noteworthy that there were several M2X entries who
>     didn't submit their scores to 3830 until Friday, when the logs
>     were due. Were they just sitting back and waiting to see what
>     their competition had done and massaged their logs?
>     I mean come on... If you are so technical to build complex
>     lockout's and narrow bandpass filters you can't submit your score
>     to 3830 immediately after the contest like everyone else does?
>     Sorry but that sounds sneaky to me.
>     Jeff KU8E / PJ4A team
>     _______________________________________________

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