[CQ-Contest] Changing Category During SS?

Chris Plumblee chris.plumblee at gmail.com
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Submit your entire log under the "highest" category that you use for the
weekend. So, if you make 500 qsos with 5w and one QSO with 150w, you are in
category A. If you make 500 qsos by yourself, and someone else makes 1 QSO,
you are M. If you make 500 qsos without assistance, but turn on packet to
get the last section, you are U.

You should not change the precedence that you send as part of your
exchange. The log checking software is smart enough to know that you
reported yourself as "A" in the header; it doesn't matter that you send Q
in the log. It's more important that you select one precedence and send the
same thing for all qsos.

73, Chris WF3C

On Sunday, December 6, 2015, Dave Edmonds <dave at pkministrywebs.com> wrote:

> This question should have a definitive answer, unlike many of late....
> I began working SS as "Q" then realized that wasn't working due to antenna
> problems... The next day I changed my category to A...
> Is this permissible under the rules?
> If so, do I start over with the serial numbers with the new category?
> Can I work the same station using both categories? (I didn't, but could I?)
> I didn't know how to send in a log for both categories.
> Thanks the responses...
> 73s Dave WN4AFP
> (One of the few original WN's on the air)
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