[CQ-Contest] Changing Category During SS?

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Mon Dec 7 08:29:21 EST 2015

No problem. Enter the least restrictive category (A). 

Do not change the log from Q, either for all or part of it. Do not restart serial numbers.  Keep Q in the log for everybody. Otherwise it makes log checking very difficult. You can't work people again.

In a better world you'd be able to start over and work people with a different call sign. Well, actually, I've been doing that for years in CW SS, by going to somebody else's QTH. It makes SS a lot more fun when the rate goes *UP* as the contest goes on!

The CQ Contests do not have a rule against using a transmitter or station with a different call sign during the contest. I have also, primarily in the CQ 160 CW contest, operated Friday night with one call and Saturday with a different one (usually W3USA). 

So long as one uses multiple calls to work anybody, as opposed to just padding the logs of friends, I think this is a great idea that is both fun and enhances the contest for all.

73  -  Jim  K8MR

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This question should have a definitive answer, unlike many of late....

I began working SS as "Q" then realized that wasn't working due to antenna
problems... The next day I changed my category to A...

Is this permissible under the rules?

If so, do I start over with the serial numbers with the new category?

Can I work the same station using both categories? (I didn't, but could I?)

I didn't know how to send in a log for both categories.

Thanks the responses...

73s Dave WN4AFP
(One of the few original WN's on the air)

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