[CQ-Contest] Is working the QSO B4 good on long term for us ?

VE2TZT ve2tzt at arrl.net
Mon Dec 7 20:27:56 EST 2015

Each year during the 160m ARRL I can see a noticeable increase of the 
QSO B4 based on an average 1400 Q's worked during the contest.

Last year I got about 70 and this WE if I had not decided to stop 
working them at 40 I would have passed the 100 bar out of 1500 QSO's.

Then I am wondering if on the long term the politic consisting of 
working them systematically is a good thing. Of course there are plenty 
of different reasons why people are making mistakes and calling a second 
time (or a third...) by if it does not get the feedback of its error, on 
the long term this population is encouraged in its wrong practice. Then, 
not only will not progress but even will regress as it seems to me year 
after year.

By the way an example of a very bad side effect of that politic : I made 
the mistake to accept to work an European station QSO B4. A few minutes 
later I got a pile-up with an avalanche of QSO B4. I immediately 
understood that the European station had spotted me with a wrong 
callsign. Being at a time when free run frequencies were rare I could 
not change, then I refused all the QSO B4 and repeated two times my 
callsign expecting that a cleaver guy will send a correction spot. After 
the contest I see that it is exactly what happened.

It is after that bad experience that I have decided to systematically 
refuse the QSO's B4.

After all, if my callsign is busted in the other guy log, I do not lose 
the points but he lose the points and if he answers ''NO'' when I send 
QSO B4 then I will work him without discussion.

Interested by your opinion on that point.

Gilles VA2EW

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