[CQ-Contest] CR3L Should Reconsider Submission Catagory - Not

Dennis McAlpine dbmcalpine at earthlink.net
Mon Dec 7 23:55:17 EST 2015

With all due respect, John, I believe CR3L should do whatever it wants to do
within the rules as far as which category it enters.  No one argues that
CR3L did something outside the rules.  

After all, the rules state that an M/M MAY (emphasis added) operate on all
six bands simultaneously but does not require them to do so.  In fact, as
propagation declines on the high bands, there will be fewer bands which will
sustain operation and it may become common for an M/2 to beat an M/M.

I imagine the guys at CN2AA are wondering if they should have switched from
M/S to M/M since they would have the high score in that category, even
though they only operated on one band (plus mult).  But, of course, they
already won for their category so why bother?

I'm sure many groups argued among themselves before the contest started
about which category to enter.  CR3L just added some extra time before
making their decision.  Did they outsmart the guys at PJ2T?  Certainly they
did but then, PJ2T just did not have a high enough score to stave off the
invasion.  The simple fact is that CR3L had a higher score despite having
fewer transmitters and still had a higher score.  CR3L just took advantage
of publicly available info before making their decision of what category to

Would there have been such an outcry if CR3L did not post a score on 3830 as
an M/2?  Probably not, although most of us expect that CR3L will be an M/2
entry.  But, what happens if D4C is moved by the committee from M/2 to M/M
because of some vagary in how they operated?  Would we be upset that CR3L
had been moved back and won that category?

At the worst, this switch will probably deter some groups from posting their
scores on 3830 before the filing deadline.  Maybe that is the price to pay.

Perhaps lost in all this noise is the question that someone raised about
what happened to the simple categories.  Originally M/S was thought of as a
couple of guys getting together and sharing operating time.  To keep the
other op from being totally bored, they allowed him to chase mults on a
different band.  Who knew that the technology would advance as far as it

But what about that small group that just wanted to share op time to
maximize their score without exhausting themselves.  They are so far out of
the running for top honors it is laughable.  So, how about changing M/S to
not allow a mult station?  Or create a new M/S category for multiple ops but
only one transmitter on the air at a time and no mult station?  

73, Dennis, K2SX 


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The CR3L Team should reconsider their decision to change from M/2 to M/M.
Their clear intent was to enter M/2 and posting their score on 3830 as such
immediately following the CQWW CW is evidence they most likely complied with
all applicable rules for a M/2 entry.  It was only post-contest was it
evident there was an opportunity to win M/M.
In my opinion, which seems to run with the majority based upon the dozens of
comments made on this forum, the CR3L decision to change entry categories at
the 11th hour, apparently to secure a winning score in the M/M entry class,
is unsportsmanlike and offensive.  The CR3L team deserves to bare the brunt
of the nearly universal negative commentary having taken this action.  Yes,
what was done is allowed under the rules, but going down this path is well
outside the spirit of fair competition.  
I hope the CR3L team will reconsider what they have done and proceed to seek
an administrative entry class change back to M/2 through negotiation with
the CQ Contest Committee Chairman.   
It is not to late to correct this wrong......it would be the class right
thing to do under this circumstance.
John CrovelliW2GD/P40W 

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