[CQ-Contest] CR3L Should Reconsider Submission Category

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Tue Dec 8 12:31:46 EST 2015


Massaging your entry to attempt to qualify for an easier category you don't is unethical.

Entering a TOUGHER category than you operated? Why is that even an issue?

If you start a contest in high power and your amp fails, but realize you're still having enough fun limping home barefoot, does that mean you must become a checklog rather than enter HP?

If you start a contest barefoot and then turn your amp on, if you submit as high-power, what ethical breach have you committed? Is having the audacity to claim credit for those more-difficult LP contacts an egregious insult to those guys who started burning lifespan off their 3CX1500s at the start?

If a handicapped boxer wins a match against an able-bodied opponent and the first boxer's handicap is only discovered afterward, is his victory null?

Really: M2 should not be able to beat MM. But if it happens, it's not the fault if the M2.

73, Kelly 

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> On Dec 8, 2015, at 9:01 AM, Jeff Clarke <ku8e at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> Those of you that think this whole thing is OK should look up the words sportsmanship in the dictionary.
> Contesting is more than just having the highest score. Acting in a respectful manner towards your peers is just as important. If you lose move on and try to do better next year. Doing what CR3L did isn't going to earn them any respect. 
> It's sad that some people ignore this fact and try to win something at all costs.
> The greatest example of sportsmanship I see every year is the MM battle between W3LPL and K3LR. It's always a close battle but Tim and Frank ALWAYS congratulate  each others efforts on both 3830 and when comparing their numbers on the air when the contest ends. In my book that's class..
> Jeff
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