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Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Tue Dec 8 15:29:40 EST 2015

 Since we actually don't KNOW exactly WHAT happened and, more importantly, WHY... rampant speculation, innuendo, and jumping to conclusions not withstanding...

Why not wait until we actually DO know what happened & why, and THEN see if there is something in the system that is broken & in need of fixing?

73, ron w3wn

On 12/08/15, Trent Sampson wrote:

Is it time to totally reconsider the category system ? 
Should a Multi Multi that is beaten by a Multi Single get kudo's for a first place ? 
Should the Rules that govern contests change to - BEST wins regardless - 
So for example - A QRP station beats all comers including SOAB HP unassisted - he takes the first place in QRP LP and HP ? After all it is the motor sport equivalent of a lawn mower powered go cart beating a NASCAR racer into first place. 
Should Single op, single bands be split out of SOAB entries and also categorised as Single Band ie a SOAB who actually has the best 80M score wins the single band 80m category ? 
What was done by CR3L is hardly cheating - they put forward their log into a category they could win. 
The tip for the future is probably put your scores to 3830 and declare a Nonsensical category. Play your cards closer to your chest. 
Many of the categories are catered for so that in the finest tradition of everyone gets a prize operators are encouraged - BUT as a competition are we really catering for best of the best ? 
I think at this juncture we are not.

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