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Agreed. I've got quite a few 1st Place Certificates for SOHP in San Diego where I had fewer points than the low power SO winner. I accept my category win and move on. Not a big deal. As I noted in another posting, why not categorize by antennas used? An antenna farm and 100 Watts would beat my 1.5 kW and inverted V or hexbeam every time.

Just imagine if there were money involved for winning - how crazy would things get?

73 - Eric NC6K


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Subject: [CQ-Contest] Submission Categories for all Contests

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Is it time to totally reconsider the category system ?

Should a Multi Multi that is beaten by a Multi Single get kudo's for a first place ?

Should the Rules that govern contests change to - BEST wins regardless - So for example - A QRP station beats all comers including SOAB HP unassisted - he takes the first place in QRP LP and HP ? After all it is the motor sport equivalent of a lawn mower powered go cart beating a NASCAR racer into first place.

Should Single op, single bands be split out of SOAB entries and also categorised as Single Band ie a SOAB who actually has the best 80M score wins the single band 80m category ?

What was done by CR3L is hardly cheating - they put forward their log into a category they could win.

The tip for the future is probably put your scores to 3830 and declare a Nonsensical category. Play your cards closer to your chest.

Many of the categories are catered for so that in the finest tradition of everyone gets a prize operators are encouraged - BUT as a competition are we really catering for best of the best ?

I think at this juncture we are not.


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