[CQ-Contest] Is working the QSO B4 good on long term for us ?

VE2TZT ve2tzt at arrl.net
Tue Dec 8 15:37:05 EST 2015

I am OK with that, in that case when you have a doubt or you take the 
contest seriously you just have to answer NO to my QSO B4 and I do work 
you without any question.

But understand that on my side working 100 DUPES out of 1500 QSO starts 
to be problematic.

I just have observed that among all the 60 QSO B4 that I have sent this 
WE none have said NO and most have answered SRI.

It then looks like most of the guys are just working the contest 
casually, they might have just not pushed the space bar to check the 
dupe or just did not listen to my signal after having clicked on the 
spot. Then when they are receiving a QSO B4 they are not really 
surprised... In you case, while you are taking it seriously, if you 
receive a QSO B4 you know something was not OK with the previous QSO 
then you just have to insist to work this QSO by just answering NO.


Gilles VA2EW

On 08/12/2015 06:31, john at kk9a.com wrote:
> That is unsportsmanlike conduct. Lets say we work early in the contest and
> I log you incorrectly as VA2EA,  Later I call VA2EW and you won't work me.
> You get credit for the previous contact and I don't. It would have been
> just as easy to give me a report the second time. QSO B4 is not one of my
> macros.
> John KK9A
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> It is after that bad experience that I have decided to systematically
> refuse the QSO's B4.
> After all, if my callsign is busted in the other guy log, I do not lose
> the points but he lose the points and if he answers ''NO'' when I send QSO
> B4 then I will work him without discussion.
> Interested by your opinion on that point.
> Gilles VA2EW
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