[CQ-Contest] Is working the QSO B4 good on long term for us ?

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Tue Dec 8 23:04:35 EST 2015

They may be 0 QSO points, but likely are a multiplier for that caller. When I need a zone mult from K/VE, I try to avoid bothering a station with a good run going. 

Mike / W5JR
Alpharetta GA

> On Dec 8, 2015, at 10:07 PM, <john at kk9a.com> <john at kk9a.com> wrote:
> I have done a lot of single band contesting so I have seen my fair share of
> dupes. Typically the rates are slower on the second day when many of the
> dupes appear. Many are just trying to help by giving out a contact. On the
> low bands in CQ WW contests I get called by hundreds of US stations. These
> are all zero point contacts but I work them and the dupes with a smile.
> John KK9A
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> I am OK with that, in that case when you have a doubt or you take the
> contest seriously you just have to answer NO to my QSO B4 and I do work you
> without any question.
> But understand that on my side working 100 DUPES out of 1500 QSO starts to
> be problematic.
> I just have observed that among all the 60 QSO B4 that I have sent this WE
> none have said NO and most have answered SRI.
> It then looks like most of the guys are just working the contest casually,
> they might have just not pushed the space bar to check the dupe or just did
> not listen to my signal after having clicked on the spot. Then when they are
> receiving a QSO B4 they are not really surprised... In you case, while you
> are taking it seriously, if you receive a QSO B4 you know something was not
> OK with the previous QSO then you just have to insist to work this QSO by
> just answering NO.
> 73's
> Gilles VA2EW
>> On 08/12/2015 06:31, john at kk9a.com wrote:
>> That is unsportsmanlike conduct. Lets say we work early in the contest 
>> and I log you incorrectly as VA2EA,  Later I call VA2EW and you won't work
> me.
>> You get credit for the previous contact and I don't. It would have 
>> been just as easy to give me a report the second time. QSO B4 is not 
>> one of my macros.
>> John KK9A
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>> Subject:    [CQ-Contest] Is working the QSO B4 good on long term for us
> ?
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>> It is after that bad experience that I have decided to systematically 
>> refuse the QSO's B4.
>> After all, if my callsign is busted in the other guy log, I do not 
>> lose the points but he lose the points and if he answers ''NO'' when I 
>> send QSO
>> B4 then I will work him without discussion.
>> Interested by your opinion on that point.
>> Gilles VA2EW
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