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Tue Dec 8 23:16:38 EST 2015

Steve, your assertion that "not-assisted" classes exist just to accommodate a few beer-swilling braggarts and Luddites in their 80's doesn't square well with recorded fact.

2014 SS CW/SSB entries in the assisted (U/UL) categories total 921.  

Entries in the not-assisted (A/B/Q) categories total 2,061.

If we're going to put it to a vote, that 69% majority is good enough to overcome an Obama veto.

__73, de Hans, K0HB

"Just a Boy and His Radio"™

On Tuesday, Dec 8, 2015 at 19:47, Stephen Bloom <sbloom at acsalaska.net>, wrote:
If anyone operates unassisted at this point ..it

is either because

1)  The category exists as a separate category with its own

cert/plaque/trophy/bragging rights during late night beer drinking in a

suite at the Crowne Plaza 

2)  They've been entering SS since radio came back after WW 2 (the Big One)

and still manually log and dupe check.  You might find a few of these at

Field Day as well.


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