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Stephen Bloom sbloom at acsalaska.net
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Hans ..touche :)

I operate unassisted in SS ..I do it because ..Assist would do almost nothing for me ...and ...tradition.  I was Class A in 1977 as a 14 y/o, swearing I'd eventually be Class B ...and it only took 32 years or so to manage it!  I'll do it going forward in CQWW or CQWPX if I'm Single Op ...now that I understand that's the best category to see how I match up with others (I don't really care about certs/plaques etc.).  As for beer and bragging, no good contest argument is complete without it!

My point is ...the definition is headed into a collision with itself.  We operate unassisted because ...it's a contest category.  Kelly's definition of course makes sense to me, just that ..as new technology comes along ...there is going to be more and more parsing of it ..and with each parse comes an argument.  I'm good with it all ...but I'm also not someone who has put Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars ...Man hours..relationships etc. to put together the absolute top of the line stations that tend to be the true competitors.  I can understand why this type of parsing matters so much to them, and I'm damned glad that they are there.  They are Qs in my log when I'm SO ...and hosts and mentors to me when they host Multi and/or Guest ops.

Steve KL7SB

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Steve, your assertion that "not-assisted" classes exist just to accommodate a few beer-swilling braggarts and Luddites in their 80's doesn't square well with recorded fact.

2014 SS CW/SSB entries in the assisted (U/UL) categories total 921.  

Entries in the not-assisted (A/B/Q) categories total 2,061.

If we're going to put it to a vote, that 69% majority is good enough to overcome an Obama veto.

__73, de Hans, K0HB

"Just a Boy and His Radio"™

On Tuesday, Dec 8, 2015 at 19:47, Stephen Bloom <sbloom at acsalaska.net>, wrote:
If anyone operates unassisted at this point ..it

is either because

1)  The category exists as a separate category with its own

cert/plaque/trophy/bragging rights during late night beer drinking in a

suite at the Crowne Plaza 

2)  They've been entering SS since radio came back after WW 2 (the Big One)

and still manually log and dupe check.  You might find a few of these at

Field Day as well.


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