[CQ-Contest] CR3L Should Reconsider Submission Catagory

Jeff Clarke ku8e at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 9 10:47:41 EST 2015

I don't think it's fair for some of you to single me out for my opinion on this subject. There are many who agree with my opinion, but on the other hand there are some that don't. It's also silly that a few of you seem to think that I'm speaking for the whole contest community and telling people what to do because I'm not.

We all come from different cultures and English in not everyone's main language and certain comments might be misinterpreted or taken out of context. 
 Because we come from different cultures we might think differently as well about what's acceptable. That's OK.

 We all share a common bond for our love of contests and have this forum to talk about things - good or bad. In a sense I think the discussion that takes place on this reflector is healthy because it gives those who sponsor contests a sense of what the contest community thinks and how they can maybe improve the rules.

That being said I apologize if I have offended anyone with any comments I have made but my opinion hasn't changed on this subject.

There is a clause in the CQWW rules on Sportsmanship. It will ultimately be the decision of the CQWW CC to determine if CR3L acted in an unsportsmanlike manner and if actions need to be taken.

Thanks, Jeff KU8E

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