[CQ-Contest] Category hopping, new angle- KU8E is wrong

Jeff Clarke ku8e at bellsouth.net
Thu Dec 10 15:21:42 EST 2015

I don't think the rates are as high for them as they are in the Caribbean. That makes a difference.  Lots of times we have to choose between running rate or trying to work a multiplier.

PJ2T had 1775 more QSO'S than W3LPL and 2948 more than K3LR.

Besides we are comparing zone 9 With 21, 33 and 35. The US multi's always have more multipliers than anyone in the Caribbean anyway.

JeffOn Dec 10, 2015 2:50 PM, Dennis McAlpine <dbmcalpine at earthlink.net> wrote:
> While Jeff's comments about mults being easier on the low bands for Zone 33 
> and 35 may sound right, they are incorrect!  
> The highest mult totals (zones plus countries) on 80M were posted by W3LPL 
> (159) and K3LR (163) while TC0A came in fourth with 144.  Third place was 
> 9A1A with 149.  CR3L lagged behind with 133 while PJ2T had only 116 and P40L 
> had 131.  On 160M, 9A1A (who had the highest mult total overall) was on top 
> with 130.  But, coming in second and third were W3LPL (105) and K3LR (97) 
> while CR3l had only 89.  PJ2T had 88 and P40L had 63. 
> It was actually on 10M where CR3L came out on top.  On 10M, they had 151 
> while W3LPL had 146 and K3LR had 148.  PJ2T and P40L lagged with 129 each, 
> 32 behind CR3L.  BTW, 9A1A had a huge advantage with 171 while TC0A had 144, 
> in line with the others.  K3LR and W3LPL came out on top on both 15 and 20M, 
> while PJ2T trailed CR3L 28 mults combined.  On the other hand, P40L was only 
> 8 mults behind CR3L on the combined two bands. 
> Simply put, it appears that PJ2T just did not have the mult totals that were 
> available on most of the bands.  They had 80 fewer mults than CR3L but also 
> had 34 fewer mults than their neighbor P40L.  From this quick look, it 
> appears that the place to be to maximize mults might really be W3-land and 
> maybe 9A or TC0, not in Africa or South America. 
> This does nothing to resolve the current dispute about changing categories 
> but does raise some interesting questions about operating strategies, 
> particularly as the sunspots go down. 
> BTW, for a better description of CR3L, I suggest you look at a story I did 
> which appeared in the March/April 2011 issue of NCJ which also described the 
> MO2R operation there.  There was a more detailed technical discussion of 
> MO2R a few issues later by DL5AXX. 
> 73, Dennis, K2SX 
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> Mats, 
> Zone 33 and 35 are nothing like zone 9. I haven't operated from either but 
> the numbers on 15/10 meters I see from stations who operate multi-op from 
> there are as good or better than the 3 big multi stations in zone 9 - P40L, 
> PJ2T, PJ4A and the P40W single op. We usually get killed on 160 and 80 in 
> both QSO's and multipliers. 
> It should be interesting to see what happens in the coming years as the 
> sunspots go down. We can usually still run both the US and EU on both 15/10 
> meters when the sunspots are low. Not sure if they will still be able to do 
> that from zones 21, 33 and 35. 
> Jeff 
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