[CQ-Contest] Category hopping, new angle- KU8E is wrong

Dennis McAlpine dbmcalpine at earthlink.net
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While Jeff's comments about mults being easier on the low bands for Zone 33
and 35 may sound right, they are incorrect!  

The highest mult totals (zones plus countries) on 80M were posted by W3LPL
(159) and K3LR (163) while TC0A came in fourth with 144.  Third place was
9A1A with 149.  CR3L lagged behind with 133 while PJ2T had only 116 and P40L
had 131.  On 160M, 9A1A (who had the highest mult total overall) was on top
with 130.  But, coming in second and third were W3LPL (105) and K3LR (97)
while CR3l had only 89.  PJ2T had 88 and P40L had 63.

It was actually on 10M where CR3L came out on top.  On 10M, they had 151
while W3LPL had 146 and K3LR had 148.  PJ2T and P40L lagged with 129 each,
32 behind CR3L.  BTW, 9A1A had a huge advantage with 171 while TC0A had 144,
in line with the others.  K3LR and W3LPL came out on top on both 15 and 20M,
while PJ2T trailed CR3L 28 mults combined.  On the other hand, P40L was only
8 mults behind CR3L on the combined two bands.

Simply put, it appears that PJ2T just did not have the mult totals that were
available on most of the bands.  They had 80 fewer mults than CR3L but also
had 34 fewer mults than their neighbor P40L.  From this quick look, it
appears that the place to be to maximize mults might really be W3-land and
maybe 9A or TC0, not in Africa or South America.

This does nothing to resolve the current dispute about changing categories
but does raise some interesting questions about operating strategies,
particularly as the sunspots go down.

BTW, for a better description of CR3L, I suggest you look at a story I did
which appeared in the March/April 2011 issue of NCJ which also described the
MO2R operation there.  There was a more detailed technical discussion of
MO2R a few issues later by DL5AXX.

73, Dennis, K2SX

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Zone 33 and 35 are nothing like zone 9. I haven't operated from either but
the numbers on 15/10 meters I see from stations who operate multi-op from
there are as good or better than the 3 big multi stations in zone 9 - P40L,
PJ2T, PJ4A and the P40W single op. We usually get killed on 160 and 80 in
both QSO's and multipliers.

It should be interesting to see what happens in the coming years as the
sunspots go down. We can usually still run both the US and EU on both 15/10
meters when the sunspots are low. Not sure if they will still be able to do
that from zones 21, 33 and 35.

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