Herbert Schoenbohm herbs at vitelcom.net
Fri Dec 11 14:41:40 EST 2015

Trent I found that the Arduino 8X1 relay board is a magnificent solution 
to the problems I was having here.   The problem I was having using the 
Ameritron RCS-12 Antenna Switch, which is driven by my Icom IC-7410 BCD 
output or switched in the shack manually,
In my situation the Ameritron RCS 12 problem was not solved by the 
factory, A simple design change in the circuit cutting off the pass 
transistors would have worked. The pass transistors controlling the 
voltage to the DXE 8X1 box at the antenna were not sufficiently biased 
off thus allowing some voltage to get to the wrong relay. This cause the 
relay to misfire at times and the SWR protection circuit to shut down 
the amp.  Here comes the Arduino board which solved everything.   The 
Arduino 8X1 has 8 relays and is driven by a high of 5 volts obtained 
from the Aux socket on the RCS-12 for each band selection. The Arduino 
8X1 even has status LEDS for each relay activated and was only $12.95 on 
eBay. It has now screw down headers and on all the relay switched 

Eventually more of this development will find its way into amateur radio 
including graphic display for remote operation.  But this Arduinos stuff 
is paving the way,  BTW I also use them to control a Six Pac and filters 
for SO2R contest work here

Herb Schoenbohm, KV4FZ

On Thu, Dec 10, 2015 at 6:19 PM, Trent Sampson <vk4ts at outlook.com> wrote:
>> Having noticed a new change of tack by manufacturers to IP based antenna
>> selection and a plethora of IP/ Relay driven devices reasonably priced on
>> Ebay -
>> Has anyone had any success using these items (EBAY) to control the likes
>> of Six Packs or switched bandpass filters - and integrating with N1MM or
>> the like ?
>> Regards
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