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And, likewise, when he changes from running to S&P it's like the politician
who goes out with some walking-around-money looking for votes. <grin>

Kris N5KM

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Bravo Hans.  You are the champ for having the courage to call a 'spade a
I see contesting as being very similar to voting in an election.  Here you
have the candidates (the run stations, the wise ones, the chosen) try to get
as many votes (the callers) as possible.  In order to win, the 'candidates'
must attract the most 'voters'.  The faster the 'candidates' can process the
'voters', the more votes they get.  The 'candidates' don't care about the
'voters', they only care about the votes.  So they see anything that slows
down the vote count as being detrimental to their chances of winning the
'big fish' award.  Little fishes (voters) are important only as food for the
big fishes (candidates).

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