[CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry is Coming. Are You Ready?

Lew Sayre w7ew at arrl.net
Tue Dec 22 00:18:46 EST 2015

Greetings to Top Band Men, Women and undecided,
      The starting gong for the 20th Edition of The Stew Perry TopBand
DX Challenge will go off at 1500Z, Dec 26 and the ending gong will
happen at 1500Z Dec. 27. In between these times grid square gladiators
will utilize cunning, wit, resolve, Morse code and some immutable laws
of physics for 14 hours out of the 24 to joust with similar TopBand
in the most unique radio contest available. Why is The Stew Perry TopBand
DX Challenge unique?  Just manipulate your monitor over to this site and
all about it!
     The list below reveals available plaques and their very smart sponsors
have sharpened their senses and opened their pocketbooks to make available
actual wooden and metal plaques denoting categories of radio rapture that
will be awarded for certain performances during The Stew.  These sponsors
are radio stalwarts and should be accorded great respect for their
It is never too late for you to sponsor a  plaque. Just email me with your
category, find and send $60 to us and you will have joined a very elite
group of radiowave wranglers.

KL7RA                            Top # of QSOs
North Pole Contest Group  To be decided
K7FL/5H2DA                    Top Score 100% Search & Pounce
KR2Q                              Golden Log Award
N0TT                                Top Score < 21y/o, >200 QSOs
K7CA                               Top Score China
TF3KX                              Aurora Borealis Award- Top Score North
                                       of 60 deg N geomagnetic Latitude
Dr. Beldar-L1AR                Top Score,S/O, Temp Antenna erected after
VK6VZ- Flying Doctors of   Top Score- N. Hemisphere station working
      VK Baseball hat           S. Hemisphere stations
UX1UA                             Top # NA + SA Qs by Zone 16 station
UX1UA                              USA station with top # Qs with Zone 16
K6ND                                K6SE Memorial- Top Score World S/O
K1EP                                Top LP score between 30deg N & 40deg N
                                       lat  (any station located in xM##
KH6LC                               VK/ZL Challenge- Top Score S/O, VK/ZL
N6TQ/A25TQ                     California Dreaming- Top # Qs with Calif
                                 stations by a non California station.
W2GD Team                       Top # Qs, NA/SA by European Station
W7RH                                Top Score, Low Power, Asia
K7CA                                 Top Score from Zone 24, 27 or 28
K7CA                                  Top Score from either Zone 19 or 25
FWDXA                              KL7RA Memorial- Top Score, LP, Central
NA0Y                                 Top Score North America
N9TF                                  Top Score, North America, S/O, QRP
Rochester DX Assoc.           Top Score,Low Power,S/O, Outside N. America
N7UA                                 Top Score High Power
Niagara Frontier Radiosport   Top Score,S/O,Low Power,Single Antenna
TF4M                                  Longest High Power QSO
N6TR                                  KL7RA Memorial- Top Score, Hi Power,
CQ Zone1

     The Boring Amateur Radio Club asks the radio combatants to be sure to
to their comments in their log submission what plaque or plaques they are
to win. We are powerfully prescient in many areas, such as knowing that
plaque winners will do the majority of their operating while the sky is
dark outside.
However you will need to tell us if you have particular plaque aspirations,
     Please alert your DX friends of the many plaques available only to
DX areas. Nothing like having the Plaque of the Dancing Rat on your wall to
amaze your friends and consternate your friendly competitors.
    There will be another notice to the 160M public noting even more
appearing, usually the day of The Stew Perry TopBand Dx Challenge, unless
outside repairing various wires damaged by Thor, Anemoi, Zeus or my
deranged neighbor John.  So again, it is never too late to sponsor a plaque
this evocative event.
     73 and I remain,
     Lew   w7ew
     Boring Amateur Radio Club Committee on Subtleties
     w7ew at arrl.net

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