[CQ-Contest] The Stew Perry is Coming. Are You Ready?

Eric Gruff eric at e4consult.com
Tue Dec 22 16:10:19 EST 2015

I'd like to propose a new award, and I'd offer to sponsor it, but it's my only realistic chance at winning something in this contest.

Southern California Pipe Dreaming (apologies to N6TQ) - Top number of QSOs outside of CA and AZ by a Southern CA station with a wire antenna.  I suggest a 100x bonus for S. American QSOs and 1000x bonus for EU. Honorable mention to the SoCal station garnering the most "QRZ??" when calling East Coast stations.

Sorry, but after many years of running 1.5 kW and only having 15 entries worked and 13 confirmed (nothing in EU, AS, or any other non-"American" continent), I have become a bit cynical w.r.t. 160M. I should have a 55' tower up by spring, so maybe I'll change my tune then.

73 and hope you hear me this weekend!

Eric NC6K

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