[CQ-Contest] Popgun Sprint SSB thoughts

Art Boyars artboyars at gmail.com
Sun Feb 1 11:23:51 EST 2015

It's well-known that being weak on SSB is more of a disadvantage than being
weak on CW.  My humbling experience last night makes me think it's even
worse in SSB Sprint than in a "regular" contest where running is allowed.

Anybody care to comment on, or add to, these thoughts:

1. In Sprint your signal is competing with the (same) loud ones, over and
over, as the circus moves from band to band, and the pool of loud signals
does not have time to deplete.

2. In Sprint, being first thru the pileup is much more important -- you
CAN'T be second.*

3. In Sprint, small signals can't move to the edge of the fray to CQ; the
edges seem to be too dynamic.

4. In Sprint, there are no stable little holes where small signals can CQ
for a while.  (Similar to #3)

(And, of course, Sprint has no "fresh meat" effect that could help a

All this applies to Sprint CW, but I think the effect is stronger on SSB.

*Actually, I was second -- or third, maybe even fourth -- in some pileups.
I'd get beat out to original CQer, but the winner was also a new QSO so I
waited; sometimes more than one cycle.  For me that was as fast as trying
to tune in a new SSB signal.  I'll have to practice if I want to improve.

73, Art K3KU
Who worked DC, LAB, NF and NB (but almost missed PA!)

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