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Alan Dewey via CQ-Contest cq-contest at contesting.com
Mon Feb 2 07:40:23 EST 2015

I applaud the adding of the "Receive Certificate" field to the Cabrillo  
I think this is a much better idea than moving to on-line printable  
certificates altogether.  Receiving a certificate in the mail is still a  very 
motivating factor for many contesters - especially newer contesters.   It's a 
much different experience than going to a Web Site and downloading  one.  On 
the other hand, if you operate many contests a year and have a  whole folder 
full of certificates, getting another one in the mail may not be  very 
important to you.
It is true that the cost of mailing certificates has been a factor in  
adding new categories to ARRL contests in the past.  But it is certainly  not 
the only factor.  Diluting of competition has probably been a bigger  factor 
when considering the addition of new categorizes than the cost  of mailing 
The opportunity to opt our of receiving a mailed certificates seems to be a 
 very pragmatic solution.  I am glad to see the Cabrillo will support it  
Al, K0AD
In a message dated 2/1/2015 9:27:37 P.M. Central Standard Time,  
n4zr at contesting.com writes:

Yesterday, I downloaded and printed my certificate from CQWWCW  2014.  
The resulting piece of paper is every bit as nice as the ones  they used 
to mail.

Why is the ARRL still spending lots of  person-hours, printing costs and 
postage to mail out certificates for its  contests? A member of the CAC 
actually used cost a couple of years ago as  a reason for not splitting 
off Assisted from Multi-Single.   Fortunately, that "logic" finally 
failed, but as a supporter of ARRL for  the last 60 years, I have to ask 
when they will quit wasting money like  this?


73, Pete N4ZR
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