[CQ-Contest] Azden HS-03

Jim Brown k9yc at audiosystemsgroup.com
Sun Feb 1 18:01:38 EST 2015

On Sat,1/31/2015 1:01 PM, Roberto Rey wrote:
> Yes! the Azden's were the best I still have mine and have yet to 
> change the element. One of the best I've had!

Roughly five years ago, W6XU, who runs an audio accessories company, 
turned our club on to the excellent Yamaha CM500 headset. At the time, 
it was selling for about $45, and he did a group purchase at well below 
$40. The going street price is now up to $60 at vendors like B&H in NYC 
and Sweetwater near Fort Wayne.

The CM500 headphones are very comfortable, enough to wear through a 
2-day contest, and both headphones and boom mic sound VERY good. The mic 
is an electret, and can be powered from virtually any rig with a 
suitable connector adapter. The adapter needs a 5K resistor between V+ 
on the mic connector to the tip of the TRS plug. The tip is also the mic 
output.  The CM500 plugs directly into the K3 rear panel connectors, and 
the K3 has the required 5k resistor built in.

There are other headsets in this class that I've heard very good things 
about. A few guys rave about a similar Koss headset, which I've never seen.

The only weak spot of the CM500 is that the cable is not very robust, 
and will eventually break. It is not replaceable. I've broken two with 
heavy use.  On the other hand, you can buy three CM500s for the price of 
one Heil, and I personally like the CM500 a LOT better for both sound 
and comfort.

73, Jim K9YC

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