[CQ-Contest] K1N DXpedition and CW Contests Next Weekend

Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Mon Feb 2 09:57:54 EST 2015

   Well Jeff,

   This  situation  comes up every time a major DXpedition coincides with
   contests.  Which is almost inevitable, these days.

   One or more of four things is going to happen:

   The K1N guys will move to a less crowded section of the band for CW.  If
   there is one, for the duration of the weekend.
   The K1N guys will abandon, more or less, CW on the non-WARC bands for the
   The K1N guys will point their directional antennas, where/if applicable, to
   parts of the world that are less active in the contest, for the duration.
   The K1N guys will beef up their presence on the CW segments of the WARC
   bands for the duration.

   And there's one other option:

   The K1N guys will operate during the contest period just as they had planned
   to do the rest of the time that they're there.

   No matter what they do or don't do, someone is going to squawk.

   FWIW, I say let's not worry about it.  If they're running CW in the midst of
   the contest, then those operating the contest will simply have to adjust to
   a crowded band.  After all, that is what we (politely, of course) tell the
   non-contesters to do, right?  So with all due respect, maybe we should
   collectively follow our own advice.

   73, ron w3wn

   On 02/02/15, Jeff Clarke<ku8e at bellsouth.net> wrote:

   I'm hoping the K1N CW pileups die down some before next weekend.�� Last
   night there were stations calling them all the way up to 7050.
   There are two CW contests next weekend - The FOC Marathon and the NCJ CW
   Sprint that both have a lot of activity. There is also a RTTY contest which
   I remember from past Sprints that has quite a bit of activity. Also the MN
   QSO Party is going on. Space is going to be at a premium, especially on 40
   Hopefully the K1N organizers much know this because K4UEE is a long time FOC
   member.  I  hope  they  can  move further down the band on CW or maybe
   concentrate on SSB when those events are taking place.
   Jeff KU8E
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