[CQ-Contest] K1N DXpedition and CW Contests Next Weekend

K1FZ-Bruce k1fz at myfairpoint.net
Mon Feb 2 11:25:20 EST 2015

If K1N is operating during the contest, is it not 'basically' the 
same handicap for everyone in the contest. So what is the problem ?. 

Sounds like the "ever so slightly" deflated football problem. Was not 
everyone using the same football ?  hi


> to do the rest of the time that they're there. 
> No matter what they do or don't do, someone is going to squawk. 
> FWIW, I say let's not worry about it. If they're running CW in the midst of
> the contest, then those operating the contest will simply have to adjust to
> a crowded band. After all, that is what we (politely, of course) tell the
> non-contesters to do, right? So with all due respect, maybe we should
> collectively follow our own advice. 
> 73, ron w3wn

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