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Ron Notarius W3WN wn3vaw at verizon.net
Thu Feb 26 16:08:54 EST 2015

I could spend paragraphs pointing out where Paul's argument is twisting the meaning and intent of  the rules, as I'm sure many others can as well.
And we will end up going down the same "slippery slope" that the term "Assisted" has gone down almost every year, for so many years.
Let's not.
That said, I agree that, now that it's proven that it CAN be done for a M/S or M/M station, a rational discussion of whether or not there is or will be a need for a separate "remote controlled station" (or similar term) category is or will be necessary.  
And THAT said, I don't think we should overlook the technical aspect that it could be done, and it was done.  I would be more than interested in reading about the challenges faced and how they were overcome, simply from the technical aspect of how one does it.  
So for now, I think of this effort as an experimental operation of sorts, or if you prefer, a proof-of-concept.  And I congratulate the people who designed and built this station for making it work, even it it didn't come close to "winning" any categories.
73, ron w3wn

On 02/26/15, Paul O'Kane wrote:

The ARRL Contest Update for February 25 reports that

A team of operators mounted the first totally remote 
Multioperator Unlimited category effort in last weekend's
ARRL DX CW contest at the station of K4VV.

It seems to me that the K4VV station was, in effect, a
private repeater, with access restricted to team members.


The general rules or ARRL contests state - Stations remotely controlled by radio link may
use necessary equipment at the control point.

Note: there is no reference to stations remotely
controlled by internet link.

3.9. Contacts made through repeaters, digipeaters, or
gateways are not permitted.

3.10. The use of non-Amateur Radio means of communication
(for example, Internet or telephone) to solicit a
contact (or contacts) during the contest period is
not permitted.

It would appear that, for each and every K4VV QSO hosted
on the internet as a result of calling CQ or TEST, the
internet was indeed used to solicit those QSOs.

IMHO, remote contesting, with its absolute dependence
on the internet for each and every QSO, needs to be
identified as such, and needs separate categories for
scoring and listing purposes. For identification, the
suffixes /IM (internet mobile) or /R (remote) would do
do the job.

Paul EI5DI

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