[CQ-Contest] Ring Rotor Motor

Randall K Martin rkmassoc at comcast.net
Tue Jan 6 12:14:14 EST 2015

The drive motor for one of my TIC rings (1022D) recently bit the dust. 
The motor still turns, but the internal gear drive is stripped. Was just 
told that it cannot be repaired, and my only option is to buy a brand 
new ring for over $4000. Anyone out there have a drive assembly they 
want to sell, or know of a source for a replacement motor and gear box 
(windshield wiper assembly)? I can send a photo of the drive unit. It is 
the style that is formed steel, and the mounting plate is secured with 
two large flat head screws. Two steel back plates attach it to the cross 
brace on the tower.
73 Randy K0EU

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