[CQ-Contest] Making New Contesters, & A Class for Old Ones.

Lloyd Cabral kh6lc at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 16 15:55:25 EST 2015

     My thoughts?     I think there's medication available that can help you with your sleeping problem.
I like your Elmer Class idea.     Anything to get younger people involved is a step in the right direction.   
I'm just not sure we need a completely separate category for it.   

            73 & Aloha,  
            Lloyd   KH6LC

I was thinking last night when I couldn't sleep. About two possible new entry classes for some contests.
As a guy that just can no longer do even a 24 hour Sweepstakes anymore.    The old body just can't do it.
How about a new class for us old farts, a Multi Single.    Not as multi op single transmitter, but as
Multi op,, single op


Think just like any single op class where a single op does all the work, but there is more than one operator, 
they take turns at the radio.     Only one is at the radio operating at any time, but they take turns, when the 
op gets tired someone else takes over.      It is always just like a single OP in operation, except the operators 
take turns.
The other is the "Elmer" class
This is close to single Op, where a single Operator is doing all the radio work,
there is an "Elmer" sitting next to him helping them, giving advice, the "Elmer" never actually operates the radio, they are there just to help the newbie learn and do a contest.
Thoughts?    Joe WB9SBD


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