[CQ-Contest] Remote and DXCC (was: If this were a contest............)

David Siddall hhamwv at gmail.com
Thu Jan 22 12:40:47 EST 2015

Do you think that the underlying problem may not be remote operation, but
that DXCC allows counting all contacts from anywhere in the same country
instead of within a geographic area?  It has been this way only since the
1970's, when the DXCC rules were changed.

Without any remotes, for the past 40+ years it's been relatively easy to
earn even 6-band DXCC++ in less than a month -- an *almost* impossible task
in a single month from most stations.  A couple contest weekends at a
decent (not even the *best*) east coast station and a couple on the west
coast 4000 km away. Can be Canada or USA.  This year February 20 - March 16
should work well. All that one needs is a roundtrip plane ticket, contest
weekends, and maybe a couple of additional evenings and some schedules for
insurance.   Even though this is not a time of minimum sunspots this should
be easy if 10 meters is even marginally open a couple of those weekends.

Doing it this way is cheaper and faster than designing and building a
capable 6-band station. The time needed is less than most workers' annual
vacation and the cost of a roundtrip transcontinental air ticket often is
less than $400.

Remote operation or non-remote operation has nothing to do with it. If one
lusts for DXCC, even 6-band DXCC, since the 1970's rule change there's been
no difficulty completing the task quickly.  If personal accomplishment and
knowledge is one's goal, well that is something different.  Alone, the
paper on the wall doesn't tell much.

73,  Dave K3ZJ

On Thu, Jan 22, 2015 at 10:31 AM, Doug Renwick <ve5ra at sasktel.net> wrote:

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> Now with remote stations permitted, location becomes the main factor.  A
> new
> book titled 'The rise and fall of DXCC' published not by the fall
> contributor, the ARRL.
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