[CQ-Contest] Another question about remote DX-peditions

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mymts.net
Fri Jan 23 12:22:26 EST 2015

Hi Gerry,
As far as the ARRL contests go, I note with interest (from ARRL General

3.3.An operator may not use more than one call sign from any given location
during the contest period.

The language specifically refers to "an operator", meaning the person,
rather than a station. Since you will always be where you are during the
contest, that's your "given location". You aren't two people at once, one
operating the local station and one operating the remote station.

Ergo, I'd argue you'd be in violation of 3.3 if you used the remote callsign
and the local callsign in the same contest, irrespective of where the remote
station is located.

I find support for my contention the "operator" refers to the person from
ARRL rules allowing family members to use one station for separate
operations. (IOW, if you operated 300 Qs and your son got on and used his
call for 300 Qs and you each filed your own logs, that would be OK.)

73, kelly

On 1/23/15 9:25 AM, "Gerry Hull" <gerry at yccc.org> wrote:

> Hi Art,
> I kinda don't understand your VE4VTR/K3KU QSO question?  If both were live
> and not remote, what is the issue?
> Now, the question was, for DCC Credit, if you are operating a DXpedition
> remotely (in fact, any station remotely) and, at the same time, you have a
> transceiver with antennas at your control site,
> under the new DXCC rules, this would count as a valid QSO, as long as RF
> transmitted by the remote was received on a receiver at the control QTH.
> I do not think their is any current rule preventing you from being the
> operator at both ends... Maybe that will come.
> Of course, to make the QSO count, the control operator must be licensed in
> both entities.  What that means today varies based on the remote entity.
> The interesting point here is, since this is a contesting reflector, is
> that I think that in some contests, you cannot be an operator at more than
> one station in the same contest.
> (Though not many).  They would have to make a new rule if you were the same
> operator in the same QSO!  Until such a rule is written, it's "legal".
> 73, Gerry W1VE/VE1RM
> On Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 6:01 AM, Art Boyars <artboyars at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Mostly in jest (because I, myself, don't chase the expeditions, but I'm
>> interested to see the reaction of people who care about them)...
>> If you are at home running a remote DXpedition to Zap Island, can you work
>> yourself from your home station for DXCC credit?
>> I will mention that, so far, VE4VTR's only QSO is with K3KU in an NAQP CW,
>> though it was not remote -- live op on both ends.  Was it legal?  Ask
>> Industry Canada.  Was it w/in the contest rules?  Actually, as I understand
>> the rules, same answer.  Was it fun?  I almost lost my run freq from
>> laughing so hard and from exchanging smart-mule e-mails with the obvious
>> perpetrator.
>> 73, Art K3KU
>> Who tuned for maximum fun
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