[CQ-Contest] How to change rules in a Contest - MAR

Mike & Coreen Smith VE9AA ve9aa at nbnet.nb.ca
Sun Jan 25 15:49:02 EST 2015

Hank, et al


My comments about "MAR" not being VE1, VE9, VY2, VO1 & VO2 were only wrt The
New and Improved SSB Sprints, not towards the ARRL/RAC Sweepstakes. Let's be
clear.  I am not petitioning ARRL or RAC on this forum.


I was presenting a fact that (VE9,VE1,VY2,VO1 & VO2) is not an "official"
section by any countries official radio organization!  It is only a
"grouping" by a select few contests based loosely on RAC's definition of
this area of the world and then NL/LB tossed into the salad for good
measure.  Although no official word has been etched in stone by the
contesters who run the SSB SPRINT, it is hoped that the rules will be
changed for the next session, so I need not say any more on that front.


This unofficial "grouping" shall I call it, would pertain to the new and
improved SSB Sprints (run by independent contesters) and also the CW/RTTY
Sprints, still run by NCJ. (NAQP uses Provinces, same as 98% of other

It would also pertain to the California QSO Party who has conveniently
grouped ONLY us all together out here.  If you ever had to explain "MAR" on
the air to someone you would understand a lot of folks disdain for that
term, at least as far as contesting goes.


I would reiterate that I do not officially speak for ALL the members of MCC
(though most do agree) nor all contesters in my part of the country.  There
are some outside MCC (VE9DX for example) who agrees with me however.

There is a minority who could care less what multiplier contests put them in
or feel well enough should be left alone.  That's fine.  They are allowed
their opinion.


It all started as I was being politely targeted to assist in creating
activity from this part of Canada, multiple times by direct email,  and then
I saw the CQ-CONTEST announcement, so I had to say something.  Someone that
sits idly by is as much a part of the problem and not part of the solution.
They wanted increased activity.  Fine, they are all good guys.  I like to


I suggested activity in their Fantastic Four Hour Frantic Fray would
increase if they did not (imo) unfairly group VE1, VE9, VY2, VO1 & VO2 all
together in some arbitrary multiplier section and just allow us the same
rights and privileges as anyone else.


Whether they will put their stamp of approval on that is not officially
known for certain.  The CW/RTTY sprint people have been contacted as have
the CaQP folks.  I am just making my opinion known.  Often contest
committees may wonder why their contest see less of us out here than maybe
other contests.  I can only speak for myself and what I perceive others in
my area to feel and what they have told me.  It's common sense.  If all W7's
were grouped together and nobody else was, activity from W7 would drop,


The ARRL SS is quite another matter and I agreed back some months ago to no
longer debate that in open forum.  If it came up using them as an example
and my intentions were unclear, make no mistake, this was and is about the
SSB SPRINTS (and other Sprints and the CQP)


Mike VE9AA, who certainly does not represent every single ham in VE1, or
snowy VE9, particularly VY2, nor VO1 or even frozen VO2








Mike, Coreen & Corey

Keswick Ridge, NB


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