[CQ-Contest] Announcing the North America SSB Sprint-boycott from "MAR"

Tod Olson tod at k0to.us
Sun Jan 25 23:57:03 EST 2015

The inclusion of the Canadian Provinces goes back to the time when ARRL was
THE organization in  NA and Canada was a part of that. In the late 80¹s if I
recall correctly the Canadians felt they had enough amateurs and
organization to establish their own Country Organization, At the beginning
things were somewhat Œiffy¹ with respect to whether or not the separate
organization would work out.

The history of having the Canadian sections be multipliers in ARRL contests
has continued. Let¹s face it, everyone wants a lot of multipliers.

Tod, K0TO

On 1/25/15, 8:11 PM, "Jeff Clarke" <ku8e at bellsouth.net> wrote:

> Mike, 
> Thanks for all the QSO¹s over the years from you and all your MCC friends.
> It¹s nice to work you  all whether if it¹s MAR , NB,NS, PEI,NF or whatever
> because activity has never been that high in any of the NA/NCJ contests from
> your area or from Canada as a whole ­ except for VE3 (Thanks CCO).
> I have never understood why the RAC/ARRL sections are combined to begin with
> since we are in separate countries. Also , just about every other contest
> except the CQWW and WPX have a variation of counting Canadian sections or
> providences as multiplers. Why don¹t they include the states in Mexico too ­
> with the exception of the Ten Meter Contest? That being said you should be
> thankful the contest sponsors do this because if they just counted you as
> Canada you would be no rarer than me working a station in CA. I have to
> believe you being in MAR would help you to generate QSO¹s in a contest as much
> as if you were NB.
> I hope you all reconsider your boycott.  We could use some more activity from
> Canada in NA/NCJ sponsored contests as a whole. Many USA stations are active
> and support the RAC contests. I would think those contests would be pretty
> boring without activity from your friends down south. What do you say?
> Jeff KU8E
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