[CQ-Contest] Announcing the North America SSB Sprint-boycott from "MAR"

AC0W ac0w at charter.net
Mon Jan 26 19:54:12 EST 2015

My suggestion on the change in N1MM was made after operating a contest 
that allowed DC as a mult. However, every time I entered DC it was 
automatically changed to MD. This then required a manual edit of the log 
to change it back to DC, which to me is unacceptable. Guess if you think 
it is acceptable to have MD entered for the DC mult then we could ask 
them to change it back.


On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 3:36 PM, David Siddall wrote:

  OK, let's focus on NAQP as you suggest.   You are, after all, one of 
the NAQP managers.

In late 2010 or early 2011 W3DQ and others asked the NAQP managers to 
start recognizing that DC is not part of MD.  I don't believe that you 
were the NAQP SSB manager at the time, but . . . .

For NAQP, in 2011 the N1MM contest logger suddenly was changed to no 
longer equate DC with MD automatically, like it long had done.  Why? 
According to the N1MM website, the reason was that in 2011 you requested 
that the feature be removed from N1MM.

This, I take it, was the unofficial NAQP response to Eric's and others' 

The result is that DC operators have had to choose between misstating 
their QTH (arguably a violation of NAQP Rule 10 that the exchange must 
consist of "o perator name and station location")  OR DC operators had 
to spend an inordinate amount of time during the contest helping some of 
their contacts log the QSO in N1MM, lessening everyone's score in the 

Nevertheless, in several of the recent NAQPs some of the DC contesters 
have continued to participate, but no one knows because they have to be 
logged incorrectly as being in MD.

That's the history of NAQP and DC.  

73,  Dave K3ZJ

On Sun, Jan 25, 2015 at 1:13 PM, AC0W < ac0w at charter.net 
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Suggest you check the contest rules before throwing a contest into this 
discussion. A check of the NAQP rules has multipliers as provinces, 
states and NA countries outside of US and Canada. The issue of combining 
Canadian provinces to create a multiplier in NAQP does not exist. So it 
should not be part of this discussion.



Exactly right!  Sections as multipliers in SS are consistent, but NAQP 
Sprint multipliers are inconsistent, illogical, and appear based merely
upon an individual's (or individuals') whims that lack geopolitical 
or knowledge with no understanding of incentives.

Being geopolitically consistent and correct -- as are all other contests
with which I am familiar -- has no downsides.

Take the example of Mexican states, which are multipliers in the 10 
contest.  Great!  I never hear many of them, but I got educated as to 
political boundaries, any of them that I find helps my score, and there 
more XE stations in the contest than before.  I have the same chance of
finding them as anyone else in my geographic area. There's no downside,
whether or not they are active most of the time -- and they present 
expedition opportunities for the adventurous.

D.C. is the same -- what a surprise when W1AW/3 showed up in the last 
meter contest in addition to KE3X, N8HM, W3HAC, W3DQ & NN3RP -- all in 

73,  Dave K3ZJ

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