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Richard DiDonna NN3W richnn3w at verizon.net
Mon Jan 26 17:51:48 EST 2015

 Well, if we want to go contest by contest, we'd note that in the last NAQP CW for which final scores are available, there were no logs received from South Dakota; or North Dakota.  A total of 152 QSOs were reported from Nebraska.

There was one log from Vermont and one log from Delaware.  

There were three from DC.  Make DC a mult, and I bet you would see five or six.

73 Rich NN3W


On 01/26/15, Jim Brown wrote:

Hi David,

I just went through 8 years of logs, about 110,000 QSOs. K3VOA is in my 
log once, for 2008 ARRL 10M. N8HM is in my log once -- 2014 WPX RTTY. 
W3HAC is in my log once, for SSB SS in 2014. W3DQ is in my log five 
times. NN3RP shows up 10 times. KE3X is there for 32 Qs.

Looking at the last four years of contests where DC is a mult, I worked 
DC in ARRL 10M in 2012 and 2014 (W1AW/3). I worked DC in RTTY RU only in 
2013. The last time I worked DC in CQ 160 was in 2011, when I worked 
W3DQ. Bottom line -- in contests where DC counts as a mult, I worked DC 
in only about one third of them in the last four years.

To be fair, this does not include my W6BX and KU6W logs. I use W6BX for 
split-site operation in SS, and KU6W for most WPX.

I know about the DC lunch meeting -- W3DQ brought me along when my XYL 
and I were staying with him and his lovely XYL Jennifer for a few days 
on our way home from a Baltimore wedding.

73, Jim K9YC

On Sat,1/24/2015 4:03 PM, David Siddall wrote:
> W1AW/3 (@K3VOA), N8HM, W3HAC, KE3X, W3DQ & NN3RP all were on from D.C. in
> the 2014 ten meter contest. But you would have to know the callsigns to
> recognize which "MD" stations were located in D.C. for NAQP because some
> signed "MD" to prevent others having logging problems. PVRC even holds a
> monthly meeting in downtown D.C. to which anyone interested in contesting
> is welcome, including anyone on this reflector.
> There's activity and interest in DC, notwithstanding that after 9-11
> security at government buildings has made access difficult or impossible
> for non-employees at some of the better club stations that used to get on
> regularly. (I operated my first contest after college at W3DOS in D.C.,
> before being invited by K7UGA to join W3USS at the other end of the Mall.)
> 73, Dave K3ZJ
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