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In some contests some of the cities you name, Los Angeles (LAX), San
Francisco (SF), and New York (NLI) are "single city multipliers".

Why not DC?

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> I think it's irrelevant to promoting contest activity.  I talked earlier
> about the difficulty of putting a decent station on the air in a major
> like DC. And when you make a single city a multiplier, it benefits only
> those few guys who get on the air, and the close-in guys who can work them
> (because most have limited antenna farms, noise, etc.  If DC is to be a
> multiplier, why not Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver,
> Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit,
> Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, Boston, New York, Philadelphia?  I suspect
> that if we did the research, we would find most of those cities have
> comparable area and greater population.

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