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Hans knows the answer to his question, of course -- ARRL section multipliers in contests are reflections of the ARRL Field Organization maps.    As for states, there are 50 states.  Pick up a flag and start counting stars.  

You know, I really don't have strong feelings on this subject, I don't really oppose the notion of a VE9 multiplier in the SS.  But I have to object that so many of us are being forced through this discussion simply because a few people want to look for ways to gain personal advantages in contests.  That is purely what it is, you know.  Here in California many top-notch SS scores are already lacking MAR section multipliers due to the distance and poor representation from that section due to low populations, why should we have to listen to whiners who want Maritime broken up into five sections in the SS just to make them rarer DX?  The process should be: the ARRL Field Organization organizes determines what comprises a section!  Ah, yes, there is politics here -- why didn't I say the RAC determines what a section is in Canada? Anybody? Does the RAC co-sponsor the SS contest?  There's real opportunity here, you know.  I've got the notion that there may even be some ARRL directors who would just as soon let RAC take over SS sponsorship completely.  Not that I like the idea, you know.

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> On Jan 26, 2015, at 19:47, Radio K0HB <kzerohb at gmail.com> wrote:
> In some contests some of the cities you name, Los Angeles (LAX), San
> Francisco (SF), and New York (NLI) are "single city multipliers".
> Why not DC?
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>> I think it's irrelevant to promoting contest activity.  I talked earlier
>> about the difficulty of putting a decent station on the air in a major
> city
>> like DC. And when you make a single city a multiplier, it benefits only
>> those few guys who get on the air, and the close-in guys who can work them
>> (because most have limited antenna farms, noise, etc.  If DC is to be a
>> multiplier, why not Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver,
>> Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit,
>> Atlanta, New Orleans, Miami, Boston, New York, Philadelphia?  I suspect
>> that if we did the research, we would find most of those cities have
>> comparable area and greater population.
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