[CQ-Contest] Sourcing ferrites and flooded heat shrink

Peter Dougherty (W2IRT) contesting at w2irt.net
Tue Jul 21 23:24:54 EDT 2015

Hi all,
I’ve got a few projects on the go during the summer season and I’m trying to
find sources for the right items that would be useful to hams. First off,
I’m trying to put out some rather serious RFI fires with ferrites. I’ve used
up all the ones I bought 10+ years ago and I didn’t keep the packaging to
record the part numbers. I’m after Mix 31 torroids (Fair-Rite) with
diameters from 1” to about 2 or 2.5” and snap-ons in various sizes from 1/8”
to ½” (and are any specifically sized for .405” coax?). Maybe I’m going
senile in my old age, but I just can’t find what I’m looking for in their
online catalogue.

Second thing I’m after is some flooded heat shrink for weatherproofing coax
fittings. At least I think that’s the correct terminology. I recall putting
on some Andrews N-connectors back in the day and the small section of heat
shrink provided was really nice stuff.


Thanks in advance.

Peter, W2IRT



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