[CQ-Contest] URGENT: Logs wanted for next release of SuperCheckPartial

Stu Phillips stu at k6tu.net
Fri Jul 24 11:10:23 EDT 2015

Hi Folks!
I am planning to release a new version of the Super Check Partial database files on August 2nd, 2015.  I am requesting your logs for input to the database files.  Please send your logs for this release before July 31st, 2015.
If you would like to contribute your CABRILLO format logs for the SCP database, please send them at any time to:
logs at supercheckpartial.com<mailto:logs at supercheckpartial.com>
You can send more than one log attachment in a single email BUT PLEASE DON¹T SEND THEM IN A ZIP file!  Please DO NOT SEND ADIF encoded logs…
If there is a new contesting callsign you want added to the database for activity in the next few months, let me know before the next update.
At any time, please attach in an email the same Cabrillo format log that you submitted to the contest sponsor and send it to

logs at supercheckpartial.com<mailto:logs at supercheckpartial.com>
I have all logs submitted since the last release of the database files on July 5th, 2015 and today - If you have already sent me your logs, there is no reason to send them again.

A particular reminder – please send logs from NAQP contests – since the contest managers went to a web form submission for their logs, the number of logs from these contests emailed to SCP has dropped significantly.
Logs from any contest within the last 24 months are always appreciated.
Some of the more commonly submitted logs are from:
CQ WW DX - CW, Phone, RTTY
CQ WPX - CW, Phone, RTTY
CQ 160M - CW, Phone
ARRL DX - CW, Phone
ARRL Sweepstakes - CW, Phone
IARU Radiosport
Russian DX Contest
Worked All Europe - CW, Phone, RTTY
More info on SCP at
Thanks for your help!
Stu K6TU

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