[CQ-Contest] [ ESLGaming.com ] "ESL leads anti-PED initiative for esports with the support of NADA"

W0MU w0mu at w0mu.com
Sat Jul 25 03:11:43 EDT 2015

Interesting.  Obviously gaming competitions take place at the same 
location.  I am surprised I never consider people taking PED's while 
contesting.  The ease of obtaining prescription drugs without a 
prescription could make this possible and probable.

As we continue to age more and more people are taking more and more 
drugs to stay healthy??!!!  I guess that could be the saving grace, if 
the PED drug might interfere with the other drugs..........HI! ??????

Other than cost, I see no reason that WRTC competitors could not be 
tested.......  What a mess.

I see pro athletes suspended all the time for taking some drug to help 
them with some problem, or so they say, that is not PED related.  Where 
do you draw the line?

On 7/24/2015 7:21 AM, Steve Sacco NN4X wrote:
> So, the parallel between electronic gaming and our own radiosport is 
> something I find fascinating, because, let's face it, WE are the 
> original "electronic gaming".
> I saw this posted today, and thought I'd share; perhaps it foreshadows 
> the Next Step in radiosport?
> "The popularity and visibility of esports has grown exponentially in 
> recent years, but this combined with the increasing size of prize 
> pools has also made the temptation of rule-breaking even greater.
> As the world’s largest and oldest esports organization, ESL has an 
> ongoing commitment to safeguarding both the integrity of our 
> competitions and that of esports as a whole - we wish to ensure we can 
> provide a fair playing field for all participating players.
> With this in mind, today we are announcing the beginning of the steps 
> we’ll be taking as an organization in order to determine enforce 
> guidelines and rules surrounding the use of performance enhancing 
> drugs (PEDs) at ESL events."
> [ / SNIP ]
> http://www.eslgaming.com/news/esl-leads-anti-ped-initiative-esports-support-nada-2170

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