[CQ-Contest] LY9W ? - time to ban SCP?

David Gilbert xdavid at cis-broadband.com
Thu Jul 30 14:57:58 EDT 2015

Doug, I totally agree with you on this, and have for quite some time.  I 
used to use SCP some years ago, but don't anymore because it simply 
feels like cheating.  Yes, most of the time it is prudent to verify SCP 
instead of accepting it at face value, but at the very least it speeds 
up the recognition process and in many cases (like some of the JA or 
South American callsigns) the popup is unique and can fill in a missing 
character I never even heard with almost 100% verity.   I don't even 
like the use of SCP when operating assisted because ... like Call 
History Databases which I also don't use ... the information being used 
bit alone should rule out the use of such automated databases.

As you say, there isn't much chance of disallowing them, and with the 
availability of online logs anybody could create their own anyway.  It 
wouldn't even change things if the folks who manage the various contest 
loggers dropped the capability because people would just use older 
versions.   A few years ago, just to see if I could, I even created a 
monster "Call History" database using the FCC registry of ham callsigns 
(I think I even included the Canadian equivalent ... don't remember for 
sure).  I tried it out during one of the winter NAQP contests just to 
see how close it was for name and QTH and found it almost functional.

I'm pretty sure that somebody will pop up here with the comment that SCP 
isn't actually "bad" because it's readily available to everyone, but it 
seems to me that it still falls outside the parameters of most contest 

It won't do any good, but somebody should publicly agree with you, so I 

Dave   AB7E

On 7/30/2015 4:07 AM, kr2q at optimum.net wrote:
> OK, I admit it.  I have NEVER been a proponent of SCP (or that ilk).  So I'll once again (been
> many years now, so it's time) ask why SCP is allowed for non-assisted entries (or at all).
> For me, either you copy the call, zone, SN, name, SEC, etc yourself or you don't.
> So much has been automated during a contest, just what is left for the entrant to do that
> demonstrates actual contest skill?   Not even copy the call sign?
> At the heart of each contest QSO is getting the call and exchange right.  If you have to rely
> on a database (EG SCP), was that really a valid QSO?
> Going back ages, I recall a DX ham (Riki) who used "a database" on 160m.  When challenged,
> he said that the database only helped him to confirm the call he had copied.  Really?  If you knew
> you had copied it, why need to "check?"  Of course, the answer is that it wasn't "copied," but
> needed to be teased out.  I mean, it's a long way from most eastern part of zone 20 to the rest
> of the world.
> More recently, a well-known contester that I have always respected, gave me an example
> of what he felt was an "appropriate use" of SCP.  "Let's say I'm on 75m and the band is
> noisy and I just can't confirm the other guys full call.  If I look at SCP, I can see a list of
> calls and I can say, 'Is your call XY1ABC?' and if he says YES, then I know I have a good
> contact."  Huh?  For me, this is exactly why SCP should NOT be allowed.  THAT was a "good"
> QSO?  You never copied his full call.  You took an total GUESS base on SCP.  What if he didn't
> say YES?  Then what?  No QSO or "take a chance?"
> Other arguments include, "Why should I be penalized for not having as good a memory for
> call signs as K1AR (or your favorite contester)?"  Just because he can remember 10,000
> calls doesn't mean I'm not as a good a contester.  So I use SCP to make up for that aspect.
> And I suppose he also runs 10KW to "make up" for atmospheric losses.
> Really, there is NO legitimate reason to use SCP during a contest unless you just want to have
> FUN also sending the guys name during a contest which does not require that you copy his/her
> name.
> It always is disappointing to me to see the URGENT plea's to share your log file so that SCP
> can be updated.
> SCP is just pure BS for the true (honest) contester.  Too late?  Can't get the genie back into
>   the bottle?  Yes, I know.  But that doesn't mean it is right.
> de Doug KR2Q
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