[CQ-Contest] QSO Recorder

Jukka Klemola jpklemola at gmail.com
Mon Jun 1 13:45:43 EDT 2015

Super !
Dennis found another uses for the QSO audios that may give us further
opportunity to learn better operating.

Thinking a little further, recordings at different kinds of stations may
become a completely new level tool to study HF propagation.

Jukka OH6LI

2015-06-01 18:57 GMT+03:00 Dennis Egan

> I spent several hours setting up  QSO Recorder by K3IT for the WPX
> contest.  It wasn't my first try and recording a contest, but it was my
> first try and using this program.


> Many thanks to Vasily for a nice program!


> If anyone wants to hear how they sounded in VE3, drop me an email and I'll
> send you back a file.
> There were also a lot of Far East stations- BG8UND?, YE1ZAT, and others,
> that are on the continuous audio file that aren't in the log.  They aren't
> in the log because, even though they had an S6 or louder signal, they
> couldn't hear me.
> Dennis VA3CCO (aka W1UE)

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