[CQ-Contest] SuperCheckPartial - contributors and log stats

Stu Phillips stu at k6tu.net
Thu Jun 4 00:31:42 EDT 2015

I just sent out the email announcing the release of the June 2015 version of the SuperCheckPartial database and thought it would be fun to look at some statistics from the log pool used for this release.

Consistent with the original policy put in place by Randy K5ZD, SCP is generated from a rolling 24 month set of logs submitted to logs at supercheckpartial.com<mailto:logs at supercheckpartial.com> by contest PARTICIPANTS.  Although several contest sponsors now provide public access to the logs submitted to their contests, the original policy still stands and these log pools are NOT included in SCP.

I get several requests each month to remove old callsigns no longer in use or add new callsigns not yet seen in action – these are all handled manually typically within a couple of days of the request.   Although there is the option to block someone’s callsign from SCP, in the year since I took over responsibility for SCP from Bob WA1Z, I have not had a single such request.

The macro level statistics of the number of logs, number of unique calls etc are published on the SCP web site for each release.  A note on “calls in master.dta” number – to be included in the MASTER file, a call must have been seen at least 6 times across all the QSO records.  This is a threshold function to help eliminate busted calls.   The latest history of these stats is available on:


Here’s a few additional stats for your amusement/interest :-)

Number of logs in pool by year:

2013:     1279
2014:     2327
2015:     1084

This won’t tie to the number of logs in the history stats as those also include a number of “dummy” logs that are used to include new callsigns not yet seen in the pool.  Since we are mid-year, the numbers from 2013/2015 are for half years.

There used to be a separate RTTY version of SCP until that was deprecated a couple of years ago.  But for interest..

Number of RTTY logs in pool:     927

This may understate the actual number since these are logs from contests with RTTY in the contest name – I think this gets the first order approximation pretty close however.

The log pool as I mentioned at the beginning is from logs submitted by contest participants.   So here are some stats on the number of unique participants and also the most prolific!

Number of unique log submitters:     1297

Top 20 log submitters and the number of logs they have submitted:

     76      AA3B
     68      HA8TP
     60      VK4TT
     59      W9ILY
     50      AB1J
     50      N1EN
     44      W6TK
     41      IK8TEO
     40      N7TEW
     40      NX8G
     38      LA8HGA
     37      AA5AU
     33      WA1Z
     30      K6HGF
     30      OH2XX
     29      K6LL
     28      G0IBN
     28      W0RAA
     27      K3WW

To these fine folks and everyone who has submitted logs for SuperCheckPartial…
Sincere thanks!!!!!
Stu K6TU

PS: … And keep them coming! :-)

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