[CQ-Contest] CQ'ing for Dollars

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mymts.net
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I'm not entirely sure that attaching a raffle to a radio contest turns us
into professional radio operators any more than playing Texas Hold-em at the
local Oddfellows Lodge turns people into Daniel Negreanu.

But... While I might disagree with Hans on the reasoning, I'm not sure I
disagree with him on the overall idea of "hurling it aside with great

It is one thing to tell the 90 per cent of us who don't live on the Atlantic
Rim "it's just for fun, compete among your peers" while the K1s and PJ4s and
EA8s rack up win after win when the only thing at stake is fleeting bragging
rights and an overpriced hunk of walnut. It is quite another to tell people
"Please pay to enter my contest, but know that you'll only win one of the
radios if you're lucky enough to be geographically blessed."

Without some kind of handicapping system to even out geographic disparity, I
suspect the response of most hams outside the blessed zones would be words
unsuitable for a family venue such as CQ-contest. And I suspect the
operators who did pay would, and perhaps should, be ignored by the rest of

Now, if you had a sponsor and didn't have an entry fee, then I wouldn't see
this as any different from when the Bermuda QSO Party awarded a trip to
Bermuda to the winner.

73, kelly

On 6/4/15 7:44 PM, "Radio K0HB" <kzerohb at gmail.com> wrote:

> This idea should not be tossed aside lightly.

It should be hurled aside with
> great force.

We are Radio Amateurs (not Radio Pros), just a bunch of boys and
> girls 
playing exuberantly in the ether, in sort of a worldwide "National Park
> of 
the Airwaves".

If you want to play radio for pay, join the Navy and go to
> sea on a 
destroyer as a Radioman.  Don't pollute Amateur Radio with "CQ for
> Dollars".

73, de Hans, K0HB
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Would anyone be interested in a contest that you had to pay
> a $20 entry fee?
I am still working on the rules.
1-10 place would get a HF
> radio for there prize as long as I get enough 
operators enter the contest to
> cover the cost of the prizes it should
> work.


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