[CQ-Contest] Rules for CQ WW DX Contest 2015

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Sat Jun 6 22:16:23 EDT 2015

Well, there you have it a Jack.

If you don't score up there with the big dogs like LU5DX, just stay on the porch and shut up.


You're just casual.  Not really a part of the game, so it doesn't matter.

Dit Dit,


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On Sat, Jun 6, 2015 at 9:03 PM, Martin , LU5DX <lu5dx at lucg.com.ar> wrote:

> Hi Jack,
> The rule is not intended for casual entrants.
> http://cqww.com/searchbycall.htm?cl=k3fiv&submit=Go
> Vy 73,
> Martin LU5DX
> On Sat, Jun 6, 2015 at 3:01 PM, Jack Haverty <k3fiv at arrl.net> wrote:
>> On 06/06/2015 06:52 AM, Randy Thompson K5ZD wrote:
>> > The final rules for the CQ WW DX Contest 2015 have been announced.
>> > http://cqww.com/blog/rules-announced-for-cq-ww-contest-2015/
>> >
>> Cool!  I just studied the new rules and the inclusion of the "recording"
>> aspect gave me an idea for solving one of my long-term contesting
>> problems - I often just can't type fast and accurately.  My score is
>> limited by my typing skills.
>> Now I can just record the entire contest and simply use that recording
>> as my log.  No more need to type at all, just make sure everything
>> needed is in the recording/log.
>> Of course, I'll have to spend some time to convert my log after the
>> contest ends into the proper Cabrillo format as required for submission.
>>   But I can do that without the pressure of contest frenzy, as long as I
>> make the deadline.  I bet my recording software can even slow down that
>> fast CW to make it easier for me to convert it accurately into Cabrillo.
>>   My typing skills no longer matter.
>> I'll probably still use my traditional logging program to assist me in
>> avoiding dupes when I'm S&Ping.  But running -- just let the recorder
>> capture it all.  Should improve rates quite a bit.
>> Hmmm.  Perhaps this is not what the rules intended?   Well, they require
>> me to record the contest, and don't say anything about my log other than
>> I have to submit it in Cabrillo standard format.  So, why not?
>> I promise not to use the recording to modify my log.  How can I?  The
>> recording *is* my log.  I just have to convert it into Cabrillo format.
>> I can even be Unassisted.
>> Removing tongue from cheek...
>> /Jack de K3FIV
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