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If its all about goodwill and such - why have the rule at all?  If its
there, it is counter to the point, in my opinion.

It actually does specifically rule our SO2R in my opinion if you stop at the
text and ignore "the example" - which not the actual rule - its "an
example".  Otherwise the rule would simply say - you can't have 2 operators
driving 2 transmitters on 2 bands interleaving dots and dashes or syllables.

Ed  N1UR

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The rule as quoted does specifically refer to two operators using two
transmitters, so it does not rule out SO2R.

Besides, if all someone is interested in is getting on and operating, the
only rules that matter are the laws of that person's country. The presence
of any operating event, be it Field Day or WW, only imposes rules upon those
who enter by submitting logs. 

And since the results of Field Day depend on more than maximizing QSOs (you
get points for publicity, for satellite contacts, for operating a GOTA
station, for copying the special FD bulletin, etc.), it really is just about
operating, promoting ham radio and fostering goodwill.

Perhaps we could get back to the "goodwill" part?

73, Kelly

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> On Jun 17, 2015, at 5:24 AM, "Ed Sawyer" <sawyered at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Interestingly, where do you go to find Field Day on the ARRL website?  
> The Contest section.  The only statement that seems to identify it as 
> anything but a contest is when you go to the awards section which 
> clearly says that "its not a contest and there are no awards".  Seems 
> like it's a contest with rules, categories, and points to me.
> The rule in question sure does seem outdated and poorly worded.  I 
> would say that literally it rules our SO2R in today's modern sense.  
> Its example has nothing to do with SO2R but the literal words of a 
> switching system that locks out so that 2 transmitters could be used 
> to enter a 1 transmitter category is for sure SO2R.  Since Field Day 
> isn't a contest, who does change the rule wording actually?  Could be the
...Contest Committee???
> If I do want to do SO2R for fun - can I enter a check log?  Ha, nope, 
> because logs aren't submitted for Field Day - just dupesheets.  So you 
> enjoy, post on 3830 and call it a day I guess.
> 73
> Ed  N1UR
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