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>For these reasons, it's important to... 
>2) Use settings in your rig to get rid of as much low frequency
>content as you can. The lows burn TX power, but make no contribution to speech
>intelligibility. I set up my K3 TXEQ for max cut of the three lowest 
>octave bands (50, 100, 200 Hz) and 4-6 dB cut of the 400 Hz band. When I 
>ran FT1000MPs, I set the audio bandwidth for 400-2,600 Hz.
>IMO, ALL mics and radios should kill those lower three octaves, and what 
>is needed for the 400 Hz band and on the high end will depend on the 
>voice and the mic.
Oh, sweet music, Jim.  That you have said this, folks may take note.  A lot of 'runners' already have, of course, but a lot of S+P audio i.e from 'callers' is getting woeful.  The 
less operator Qs, the worse it is.  You can hear this in the frequency of 'repeat' requests these days, CQWW especially - ARRL, somewhat less so.
>From the earliest days of SSB, the hams at Shure 
>designed a mic with an HF peak around 3 kHz to compensate the rolloff of 
>the SSB filter, and most ham mics do that to some degree. 
Alas, DID.  
>When I used a pro mic with my radios, I had to add that peak with EQ.  
There's still time to make those adjustments in time for the weekend, folks!
Many thanks, Jim.

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